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AltusLearn Network- Did you know when you create an AltusLearn account you also have an account with our Network Partners? Network Partners include: – The Allergy Asthma Network Learning Center – Association for Asthma Educators – SolutionsX2 Learning Center All Network Partners offer accredited and non-accredited continuing education options. Each of the network sites offer slightly different […]
Will I get automatically charged?- Once you become a subscriber you will automatically be charged a monthly or annual renewal of your membership. You can cancel this membership at any time though.
Do I get a discount on the All-Access Pass if I’m already enrolled in classes- No, you do not get a discount if you’ve previously enrolled into a course.
Is there a limit to how many classes I can access with All-Access Pass?- No, you have unlimited access to any of the courses that are in our library (excluding premium)
Is there a limit to how many times I can watch a class?- No, once you buy a course you’ll be able to access it at anywhere at anytime.