We build and develop digital tools to make health care systems safer and more effective for health care workers and patients.


Altus is a technology services company that focuses on radiation technologists, who work in clinics and hospitals to keep patients safe during medical imaging such as CT scans and radiation therapy. Altus offers a range of products including continuing education courses for radiation technologists, tools for clinics to organize their credentialing requirements, and online tools such as webinars for scientific device manufacturers.

Radiation technologists and clinic managers seek our coursework to satisfy required credentials from the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. Clinics purchase group programs that we call campuses.

Private companies and non-profit advocates also buy our services so they can offer the coursework at no cost to busy radiation technologists. In recent years, we have extended our product lines to those customers to include webinar production and other technology solutions that help them engage better with the radiation technologists who work with them.

Founded in 2015, Altus has thrived due to its nimble innovation of technology to deliver and educate our customers. Beginning in 2019, we more deliberately engaged our communities with webinars, on-demand programs, badging designations, and a MR Screening Form utility. We were ready for the shift from in-person learning to online-only learning during COVID restrictions.

In the future, Altus plans to offer gamified experiences and are exploring limited in-person experiences for the post-COVID world.


Daniel G. Guerra Jr., CEO

Dan is the founder of Altus and its sister company, SDMCentral, which develops tools for patients and doctors to make better care decision together. Guerra’s immigrant father’s challenging health care journey fuels his passion for innovations for patients and the dedicated workers in clinics, hospitals, and other facilities.

As a young entrepreneur, Dan chose to give back to his community as chairperson of the board of directors Madison’s Community Development Authority from 2011 to 2019. This agency champions redevelopment efforts for the city and oversees the Section 8 federal housing program and the city’s public housing program that serves 1,800 people. Dan has participated in national Hispanic efforts including a program at Stanford University. He currently serves on the board of directors for the Latino Professional Association of Greater Madison, Inc.

Prior to starting AltusLearn, Dan worked in the web technologies and software development industry.