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June is MRI Safety Month at AltusMedical

  Mar 24th, 2014   -     MRI Safety   -  

June is MRI Safety Month at AltusMedical Come and join us at AltusMedical in making June MRI safety month. Please recall, a few years ago a 6-year-old boy died undergoing an MRI exam at a New York-area hospital when the machine’s powerful magnetic field jerked a metal oxygen tank across the room, crushing the child’s head (Full Story). Unfortunately, even though that incident occurred in 2001, the frequency of incidents continues to increase. The only way we can change this is through education. At AltusMedical we are committed to preventing accidents and incidents in the MRI suite through distribution of our MRI safety series of courses. We can provide your team training from non-clinical to clinical with an MRI safety based MiniCampus.To learn more about our MiniCampus education solution and how to make MRI based incidents and injuries a thing of the past contact us today.

    Learn more about our MiniCampus.     Recently, The Joint Commission has released a set of newly revised requirements (Complete Document Here). One area of importance is new language that specifies ongoing education and annual training for MRI and radiation safety. It can be found in Standard HR.01.05.03. It calls for staff to participate in ongoing training and education; specifically radiation safety for CT technologists and annual training for MRI technologists and others who work in the MRI environment.   AltusLearn offers five MRI Safety courses through our MiniCampus product that address the requirements set forth by The Joint Commission: