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AltusMedical Expert Patient Program

  Mar 12th, 2014   -     Expert Patient   -  

Today, with data provided from community health assessments throughout the nation as part of the Affordable Care Act, AltusMedical has identified many solvable chronic illnesses. There are communities where the hospitalization rate for diabetes are four times higher than people who live in same city. This, and chronic illness are solvable problems. We’ve decided to take action, which is why we have developed the AltusMedical Expert Patient Program. )

Our goal over the next 2 years is to reduce hospitalization rates nationwide of chronic illnesses. A healthy community means people are able to work, attend school, reduce hospital stays, and achieve a higher quality of life. We want that for everyone.

AltusMedical has identified diabetes as a serious health issue. According to the Centers for Disease Control, diabetes costs the US about 100-billion-dollars a year. It’s the leading cause of blindness among adults and contributes to kidney failure, heart disease, nerve damage, and stroke. We believe that working together, we can combat and reduce preventable chronic illness through education. The Expert Patient Program is about empowering and engaging people through an individualized, self paced online educational experience. The Expert Patient Program will be available to anyone for free, both online and on mobile devices. The Expert Patient Program addresses three main areas: Screen shot 2014-03-12 at 3.58.37 PM
  1. Disease prevention
  2. Navigation of the healthcare system
  3. Physical fitness

What We Need

Our goal is to raise $150,000 to create the Expert Patient Program. These funds will go directly to the development, implementation, deployment and promotion of the Expert Patient Program, which will be a free program to everyone nationwide. Expert Patient Project Co-Founder / Institutional Sponsor – $15,000 Download Expert Patient Project Co-Founder / Institutional Sponsor Information Sheet As a project Co-Founder your name, or the name of your organization will be listed on all project and marketing collateral related. A version (Online Website & iPhone App) of the Expert Patient program branded with your institutions logos and colors will be developed. This will allow you to offer a tailed Expert Patient Program experience to your institution’s staff and clients. Please contact an AltusLearn Team member for details We appreciate your interest.

The Impact

The Expert Patient Program will show individuals how to prevent chronic illnesses through nutrition, physical fitness, and how one can develop healthy routines through the information provided by medical experts. In addition, the program educates people on how to engage with medical professionals. Users will learn:
  • How to select a physician
  • Understand the importance of an annual checkup
  • Know when to go to the emergency room or when to wait and schedule an appointment with their doctor
By understanding chronic illness, nutrition, and physical fitness as well as how to engage with medical professionals, individuals are able to take control of their own health and lives.

Other Ways You Can Help

We need to build awareness of what a healthy lifestyle is, and how it’s within reach of everyone. Good health shouldn’t depend on your income, zip code, or background. There’s a simple way you can help, please pass along our message. Make a post on your social media page, blog, or simply like us on Facebook or Linkedin. You are the engine that drives change in the world. Together we will benefit by bettering our neighborhoods and communities. Our goal is simple: show family, friends and colleagues how to take control of their health and their lives. Together we can make difference. Thank you!