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Cultural Competency

  Feb 12th, 2016   -     News, Promoted Courses   -  

The One Skill All Medical Professionals Need to Work On. As the United States becomes more diverse, healthcare providers will increasingly see patients with a broad range of cultural backgrounds.

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4 Reasons Why Doctors Should Get Familiar with Medical Marijuana

  Feb 4th, 2016   -     News, Promoted Courses   -  

Medical marijuana is mentioned in the news now on almost a daily basis. Here is why doctors and other healthcare workers should get educated on the topic

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Shared Decision Making

  Nov 10th, 2015   -     News   -  

Shared Decision Making (SDM) has become a hallmark of patient-centered care. Caregivers at all levels are realizing the importance of their patients view and role in their own treatment “nothing for me, without me.”

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Are you getting all you can get from AltusLearn?

  Nov 2nd, 2015   -     News   -  

To make sure you get the most from AltusLearn, we’ve put together a quick overview of AltusLearn’ most popular features.

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AltusCampus’ RFP for educational content is now open

  Oct 23rd, 2015   -     News   -  

AltusLearn is issuing a request for proposals for new online educational offerings for the upcoming year. We’re looking to work with thought leaders in the continuing medical education field to develop content that can be accredited for physician CME credits and/or physician assistant, nursing, and medical assistant CEU or CE credits.

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Tattoos in MRIs

  Oct 6th, 2015   -     MRI Safety   -  

One in five Americans have at least one tattoo. Did you know that the ink in a patient’s tattoos can cause burns during an MRI? What effects can the interaction between MRI and tattoos have on a patient’s skin? Fortunately, there appear to be no observable long-term effects. Short-term effects can include pain and discomfort during and after imaging, and in more severe cases, patients can experience first and second degree burns on and around the site of the tattoo.

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New MR Safety and CT Dose Reduction Courses

  Sep 25th, 2015   -     MRI Safety, News   -  

Available on October 1st AltusLearn will release all new and updated MR and CT education. We’re excited to partner with long time experts and industry leaders Wm. Faulkner and Kristan Harrington.

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Navigating ICD-10

  Sep 21st, 2015   -     News   -  

Whether or not you perform your own diagnosis and procedure coding, you are likely to have been exposed to the controversy surrounding ICD – 10. Physicians characterize it by the five times more diagnosis codes, nineteen times more procedure codes, the high level of specificity, and the unusual “new” codes.

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What is the Best PQRS Reporting Method?

  Sep 19th, 2015   -     News   -  

Over half of eligible providers didn’t file PQRS data in 2013, most saying it was too difficult to do and not worth their time. However, Medicare has significantly increased penalties in 2015, meaning that most eligible providers will lose an estimated $18,000 in reimbursements on average in 2017. Few practices can afford not to file this year.

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Who is an Eligible Provider? An Easy Penalty to Avoid

  Sep 14th, 2015   -     News   -  

Do you know without a doubt exactly who all of your PQRS Eligible Providers (EPs) are? Would you be willing to bet $18,000 per provider on it? For a practice of five physician and five non-physician EPs (Pas, NPs, PTs, RDs, etc.) an innocent misunderstanding could mean a $180,000 stroke against the entire practice.

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