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It is undeniable. Staff training is imperative to enhance patient-centered care and improve the delivery of culturally appropriate healthcare. These Cultural Competency programs are designed to help individuals at all levels and in all disciplines promote health and health equity.

Cultural Competency for Healthcare Providers

This course is designed for all medical professionals.

  • What is cultural competence
  • What does culturally competent healthcare look like
  • Why is Cultural Competence needed now
  • How does this benefit patients & providers
  • How do I become culturally competent

*Cultural Competency for Healthcare Providers CME meets the California State statute 2190.1 requirements for Healthcare Professionals

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1 CME Credit


Included in Campus License


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Care for the Hispanic Patient: A Cross-Cultural Approach

This course for healthcare professionals provides information on how to manage Latino patients safely and with dignity, improve their health and wellness outcomes, and ultimately help them assimilate into the U.S. healthcare system. The medical professions in the U.S. will be managing increasing numbers of Hispanic patients.

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2 CE Credits


Included in Campus License


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Cultural continued medical education

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