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Audit: 1 in 11 Wisconsin doctors can’t prove CME compliance

  Jun 18th, 2015   -     ACR Accreditation, News   -  

According to a June 13 Wisconsin State Journal article, nearly one in 11 licensed Wisconsin physicians randomly selected in an audit by state regulators was not in compliance with continuing education requirements.  The article points out that 8% non-compliance is especially troubling for a state that has the nation’s lowest continuing medical education requirement: 30 credits every two years. Hospitals and other medical facilities that have even one person on staff who doesn’t maintain licensure can suffer serious consequences, such as:
  • A liability exposure
  • The facilities’ own licensing can be compromised.
  • Non-compliance with CMS can cut off or reduce reimbursements
As the non-compliant Wisconsin doctors and their employers begin dealing with disciplinary action, it’s time for these facilities to take a hard look at their compliance tracking. To learn more about making compliance tracking easy, click here.