Turner Talk Special: Bullying - A Cancer within the Department (Certificate)

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Course Release Date: December 09, 2021
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The Turner Talks Panel of Cheryl Turner, Jordan Johnson, Dr. Mary Cowan, and Dusty York teams up to discuss workplace bullying. Bullying exists in many forms and is most often associated with school age children. However, it is now a prominently identified problem in the workplace, including the radiation therapy department. Bullying in the field of radiation therapy presents itself in many different forms and is directed at many different levels within organization. Bullying, if not corrected, has the potential for dismantling a department and creating a potentially unsafe environment for patients. As therapists, managers, and administrators we must all do our part in recognizing and inhibiting bullying in our departments. The key to keeping bullying out of our radiation department is education and implementation of action plans combating this issue.

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