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Social Skills in Leadership

  Apr 21st, 2014   -     Professional Development   -  

Except taken from: Emotional Intelligence in Leadership Leaders who do well in the social skills element of emotional intelligence are great communicators. They’re just as open to hearing bad news as good news, and they’re expert at getting their team to support them and be excited about a new mission or project. Leaders who have good social skills are also good at managing change and resolving conflicts diplomatically. They’re rarely satisfied with leaving things as they are, but they don’t sit back and make everyone else do the work: They set an example with their own behavior. So, how can you build social skills?
  • Learn conflict resolution – Leaders must know how to resolve conflicts between their team members, customers, or vendors. Learning conflict resolution   skills is vital if you want to succeed.
  • Improve your communication skills – How well do you communicate? Our communication quiz   will help you answer this question, and it will give useful feedback on what you can do to improve.
  • Learn how to praise others – As a leader, you can inspire the loyalty of your team simply by giving praise   when it’s earned. Learning how to praise others is a fine art, but well worth the effort.