Patients Rock! - MODULE ONE: Introduction to Patient Experience (FREE)

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Course Producer: Jeff Tobe
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Course Release Date: April 30, 2018
Course Expiration Date: April 30, 2019
Program Summary:


This high-energy, participatory, humorous session has received outstanding reviews from diverse healthcare professionals around the world. Certified Speaking Professional, Jeff Tobe, challenges you to step outside your comfort zone in forcing yourself to look at your organization’s EXPERIENCE from a different perspective. Tobe provides real ‘tools’ to creatively ENGAGING your internal and external ‘customer’. With the push to patient experience excellence, Jeff encourages you to stop thinking about just servicing the patient! We now have to consider our patient’s EXPERIENCES from the minute they make contact with us to the minute they are done! Jeff encourages you to “start considering every one of your TOUCH POINTS--those opportunities you or your people have to influence the patient experience. Allow people to ‘tweak’ their own touch points and, collectively, change the experience.


  1. How to spark innovative thinking—in yourself and others
  2. Motives for making the shift from a service to EXPERIENCE culture
  3. Techniques to effectively manage the change that comes with innovation
  4. The benefits to challenging your existing “boundaries”
  5. How to tweak individual ‘touch points’ in your organization
  6. Methods to getting your internal and external customer more engaged at what they do everyday
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