MACRA: How Does it Affect You?

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Course Release Date: November 19, 2017
Course Expiration Date: November 19, 2019
Program Summary:
There is no doubt that there remains a great deal of confusion and misinformation concerning MACRA and its effect on the income of all healthcare providers. Don't make the mistake with the misperception that a large organization can shield you from its effects. No matter your specialty or practice setting, your level of Medicare reimbursement will be affected. This CME presentation is presented by healthcare providers like you, packed with practical knowledge in language we can all understand, and designed to create awareness of the rules and implementation timeline of MACRA. You will then be introduced to a framework through which you can immediately create a successful strategy to maximize payments.
The rules of MACRA are in force now! Your reimbursement is being effected now! It is not too late to climb aboard and become empowered to help your organization create the best strategy.
  1. Discuss Medicare Pay for Performance past, present and future.
  2. Discuss who will be affected by MACRA rules.
  3. Discuss how much money is involved.
  4. Describe MIPS and Advance Payment Models.
  5. Provide a sound strategy to maximize your MACRA bonus.
  6. Provide a sound strategy to avoid MACRA penalties.
  7. Covert confusion to clarity and actionable.
  8. Discuss why you need to act now.
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