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Joint Commission Delays Imaging Requirements

  May 20th, 2014   -     Joint Commission   -  

The Joint Commission has decided to delay revised diagnostic imaging requirements schedule to go into effect July 2014 until July 2015.There was considerable pushback from key stakeholders which has made The Joint Commission delay these new changes. According to The Joint Commission “some of these issues highlighted complexities that require us to engage in further research in order to ensure that the new standards best promote the improvement of quality and safety”.
The Joint Commission says they need to collect additional information before implementation including:
  • Documentation of the radiation dose.
  • Annual equipment performance evaluations by a medical physicist or Magnetic Resonance scientist.
  • Minimum qualifications for radiologic technologists who perform computerized tomography (CT) exams.
  • Requirements that align with the State of California’s CT law
You can read The Joint Commission’s statement here.