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January Course Updates

  Dec 30th, 2013   -     Uncategorized   -  

Happy New Year!

We’d like to share with you a couple of courses that we think you will find interesting.  In the coming year, we will be launching new educational programs that will help you grow your knowledge, make you more effective in your job, and increase safety and the quality of patient care in your workplace.

Wishing you all the best for 2014.

Radiation Safety for Non-Clinical Staff

This 12 minute video based learning activity covers the basics of understanding what radiation is, and how to protect yourself and patients from the effects.  It is designed specifically for non-clinical staff such as transport, maintenance, housekeeping, administrative support, and others who may have reason to be around X-ray and other radiation generating equipment.  A short post-test is included to test participant’s knowledge.

The Changing Paradigm for Revascularization of CAD: Quantification of Absolute Myocardial Flow Utilizing Cardiac PET (CME)

Dr. Bober presents the current practice of coronary revascularization and how cardiac PET stress testing with absolute flow is the best modality to improve patient outcomes. With published studies and illustrative cases, he explains why and how cardiac PET provides critical data not available with other cardiac evaluations or imaging studies. This course will explain why cardiac PET is right for some of your patients and how it improves patient management.

This CME-accredited program was originally presented in a live Webinar format.