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Breast Tomography – Better than FFDM?

  Apr 9th, 2014   -     Mammography   -  

This is an excerpt from the article that appeared in Applied Radiology authored by Nadia Shah, MD, Tsz W. Ng, MD, and Ellen Shaw de Paredes, MD, FACR. “Mammography has proven to be an effective, cost-effective screening exam, which has reduced breast cancer mortality. Several technical modifications have been made to mammography since evolving from xeromammography to the development of […] Read More →

New Mammogram Study

  Feb 19th, 2014   -     Mammography   -  

There’s been a lot of media coverage of a controversial new study conducted by Canadian researchers and recently published in the British Medical Journal.  The study basically says that there is no benefit for women ages 40-59 to undergo regular annual mammogram screening.  Of course there is an uproar of concern from oncologists and radiologists […] Read More →