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Will I get automatically charged?

  Nov 8th, 2018   -     F.A.Q., Payment   -  

Once you become a subscriber you will automatically be charged a monthly or annual renewal of your membership. You can cancel this membership at any time though. Read More →

Do I get a discount on the All-Access Pass if I’m already enrolled in classes

     -     All Access Pass, Enrollment, F.A.Q.   -  

No, you do not get a discount if you’ve previously enrolled into a course. Read More →

Is there a limit to how many classes I can access with All-Access Pass?

     -     All Access Pass, Enrollment, F.A.Q.   -  

No, you have unlimited access to any of the courses that are in our library (excluding premium) Read More →

Is there a limit to how many times I can watch a class?

     -     Enrollment, F.A.Q.   -  

No, once you buy a course you’ll be able to access it at anywhere at anytime. Read More →

Can I still access classes that I purchased individually?

     -     Enrollment, F.A.Q.   -  

Yes, any courses that you have previously bought will show up in your CE Wallet Read More →

Can I cancel automatic renewal of my All-Access Pass?

     -     All Access Pass, F.A.Q.   -  

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time Read More →

I have an All-Access Pass, how do I join new classes?

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To join a new course, all you need to do is find a course you’re interested in, and select “Learn More & Enroll”. After you select that button, you will be brought to the course page where you can select “Add to my courses” on the right hand side. Now the course should be under […] Read More →

When does my All-Access Pass expire?

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When you cancel your All-Access Pass subscription Read More →

How do I get my Course Certificate?

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After you complete and pass your Post Test, you should be granted with a screen which has a “Get my certificate” button. After you click on this it will take you to your official certificate granting you credit! Read More →