5G Leadership skills: Body-Language Fluency (CE ARRT)

Course Format: Interactive
Course Credit Type: CE ARRT
Course Credit: 1.00
Rewards Points Earned: 25
Course Category: *Imaging, **Self-Study/On-Demand, Soft Skills
Course Producer: AltusLearn
Course Cost: $99.99 | Included in All-Access Pass
Mobile Friendly: No
Course Release Date: December 01, 2019
Course Expiration Date: December 01, 2020
Program Summary:

Leaders who read and use body language fluently gain an advantage in being able to communicate and understand information that isn’t being transmitted in actual words. Non-verbal cues include all communication between people that is not verbally expressed: body language, facial expressions, posture, eye contact, gestures, tone of voice, touch, physical space and even clothing.

Course Completion Process:
To complete courses in this track you will need to take both the interactive on-demand lesson, and an online live scheduled session.

To complete the live session, go to the “Live Session Scheduling” Chapter of the course. From here you can either choose to join a session that has already been scheduled, or request a new time for a session. If you request a new time, all certified facilitators will be notified and if one is available they will accept your session. We want to make our program fit your schedule!

Learning Outcomes:
  • Say what is meant without words.
  • Understand and use non-verbal cues.
  • Define and understand the fundamentals of a handshake.
  • Explore how body postures build self-confidence.
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