Alec J. Megibow MD MPH FACR

Professor, Department of Radiology New York University Langone Medical Center

Dr. Megibow has spent his entire career at NYU beginning as a first year resident in 1974 to the present. He was fortunate to be a trainee at the time coincident with the introduction of Computed Tomography in the practice of medicine. Having seen the impact of CT into clinical medicine and watching the continuous development of CT from a 5min per slice to the current 128 slice per subsecond rotation has been both a privilege and provided the understanding that has allowed him and his colleagues in the abdominal imaging section to publish imaging findings that have had major impact on the practice of medicine.

From his initial publication showing the value of CT in diverticulitis to collaborations with Dr. Emil Balthazar on CT for acute pancreatitis and acute appendicitis to the first description of CT for small bowel obstruction, have earned him international recognition as one of the leading body imagers in the world. Along with Dr. Morton Bosniak, Dr. Megibow helped develop the first organ based fellowship in the United States (1978). He has published over 200 papers, multiple book chapters and text books. He was a principle investigator in an NCI funded technology assessment trial comparing CT and MR in the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer and colon cancer. Dr. Megibow and Dr. Elias Zerhouni pioneered the concept of air contrast CT of the GI tract; their work earning a Gold Medal from the American Roentgen Society. Dr. Megibow served as President of the Society of Computed Body tomography and is currently President of the Society of Abdominal Radiology. He is an Honorary Fellow of the European Society of Gastrointestinal Radiology.