Ohio Continuing Medical Education Credit Requirements

Ohio required number of CME credits per year(s) 100 credits / 2 years
Ohio State-Mandated CME Content/Additional Notes CME must be OSMA/OOA-certified
Ohio RN Required number of CE credits per year(s) Each person licensed as a registered nurse (RN) in Ohio must complete twenty-four (24) contact hours of continuing education during each licensure period. At least one (1) of the required contact hours must be related to Chapter 4723 of the Ohio nurse practice code and rules (Category A). The RN licensure period is two (2) years from September 1 of odd numbered years through August 31 of the following odd numbered year. To be licensed by endorsement, an Ohio RN must complete two (2) contact hours of continuing education directly related to Chapter 4723, ORC and the rules of the Board (Category A).
LPN Required number of CME credits per year(s) N/A
APRN Required number of CME credits per year(s) N/A
ANCC accreditation accepted? Yes
CE for Specialty: Athletic Training 25 hours of continuing education must be completed biennially. At least 1 contact hour of ethics education must also be completed per renewal cycle. The 1 hour ethics requirement shall be fulfilled by completing an acceptable activity that contains at least 1 hour addressing professional ethics. In addition, any presentation by the athletic trainers section meets the ethics requirement.
CE for Specialty: Audiology/SLP CE: 20 clock hours of continuing education with at least 2 clock hours related to ethics each 2 year renewal period. The deadline for license renewal is December 31st of even-numbered years. Continuing education hours must be earned January 1st of the odd year through December 31st of the following even year of each licensure period. 10 continuing education hours shall be acquired in the area of licensure. For a Speech-Language Pathology license the 10 hours shall be specific to the clinical practice of Speech-Language Pathology. For and Audiology license the 10 hours shall be specific to the clinical practice of Audiology. 10 continuing education hours may be acquired in areas related to Speech-Language Pathology or Audiology or both.
CE for Specialty: Dietetics/Nutrition 75 hours of continuing education are required during the five year cycle.  License renewal is annually and is valid from July 1st through June 30th.  CE time frame = 5-yr cycle. The Board has a jurisprudence (law) related continuing education requirement.  On odd numbered calendar years, each applicant for renewal of a license shall report to the board completion of at least one continuing professional education unit in board approved education in jurisprudence.
CE for Specialty: Emergency Medical Services A first responder or EMT certificate to practice shall expire on the individual’s birthday in the third year, except if a first responder or EMT certificate to practice, issued to an individual who also holds a current firefighter and/or fire safety inspector certificate, shall expire on the same date as the individual’s firefighter certificate or fire safety inspector certificate. CE Requirements for EMTs and Paramedics First Responder: 15 hours                                                           EMT-Basic: 40 hours                                                         EMT-Intermediate: 60 hours                                EMT-Paramedic: 86 hours                         
CE for Specialty: Laboratory Technology There are no Continuing Education requirements.
CE for Specialty: Massage Therapy There are no Continuing Education requirements. The licensee’s renewal group is based upon the first letter of their last name as of record with the Board in April 2004 or upon date of licensure, whichever is later. Each licensee will remain in the originally assigned group for all subsequent license renewals.
CE for Specialty: Medicine and Surgery CE: 100 Contact Hours must be completed biennially. At least 40 hours of CME MUST be earned in Category I, although the total 100 hours may be earned in Category I. Additional hours accumulated beyond 60 hours in Category 2 cannot be substituted for Category 1. Licenses must be renewed every two years.
CE for Specialty: Occupational Therapy CE Requirements: Occupational Therapists (OT) and Occupational Therapy Assistants (OTA) must complete 20 contact hours of continuing education activities within a 2-year renewal cycle. All continuing education activities must be earned in the two-year period immediately preceding June 30th of the year in which licensure renewal is required. OTs renew in odd years; OTAs renew in even years. Licensees shall complete at least one contact hour of ethics, jurisprudence, or cultural competence education per renewal cycle.
CE for Specialty: Pharmacy 6 (0.6) CEUs (60 hours) of approved continuing education every 3 years that must be obtained on or after March 1st of the year that is 3 years prior to May 15th of the year in which evidence is required for identification card renewal. You will verify your required continuing education (C.E.) at the same time you renew your Ohio Pharmacist license. At least 0.3 CEUs (3 hours) of the total required must be Ohio Board of Pharmacy approved programs in jurisprudence. A continuing education unit (C.E.U.) is 10 contact hours of participation in an organized continuing pharmacy education experience. You must renew your Ohio pharmacist license before September 15, 2013. Waiting to renew your license until the last days before your license expires is not recommended. Pharmacist license online renewal notices will be mailed near the end of July. Pharmacy jurisprudence is defined as continuing pharmacy education experiences that have been approved by the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy that deal with current laws, rules, and regulations dealing with the practice of pharmacy and the recent changes that have occurred to those laws, rules, and regulations. ACPE-approved courses for Pharmacy Technicians end in the letter “T”. ACPE-approved courses pharmacists (only) end in the letter “P”.  Courses ending in the letter “P” cannot be used to meet pharmacy technician CE requirements.
CE for Specialty: Pharmacy Technician No continuing education is required.
CE for Specialty: Physical Therapy CE Requirements: 24 contact hours required biennially for Ohio PTs and 12 contact hours for Ohio PTAs Renewal cycle is from February 1 to January 31.  PTs expire in even numbered years and PTAs expire in odd numbered years
CE for Specialty: Psychology 23 hours of continuing education are required every renewal period. All licensees must complete 3 hours in professional conduct and ethics. Licenses must be renewed biennially by August 31st of even numbered years.
CE for Specialty: Radiology Technology CE per license: Radiography – 12 hours Nuclear Medicine – 12 hours Radiation Therapy – 12 hours Limited – 12 hours ODH accepts courses already approved by the American Society of Radiologic Technology (ASRT) and Society of Nuclear Medicine (SNM). ODH also accepts a current ARRT or NMTCB certification card as proof of meeting Ohio’s CE requirements. However, if on CE probation or in retired status with the ARRT or NMTCB, you must provide proof of six hours of approved CE courses by the ODH, ASRT or SNM. Renewal happens every two years.
CE for Specialty: Respiratory Therapy Continuing education hours required: License:  20 hours due biennially; June 30th of every even year Limited Permit: 10 hours due annually; June 30th of every year CE Requirement: 1 hour on Ohio respiratory care law or professional ethics. At least 15 hours (for License) or 7 hours (for Permit) must include content relating to the provision of clinical respiratory care. The remaining hours may include indirectly related content, including, but not limited to, activities relevant to specialized aspects of respiratory care, such as education, supervision, management, health care cost containment, cost management, health quality standards, disease prevention, health promotion, or abuse reporting.
CE for Specialty: Social Work Renewal: thirty (30) hours social work continuing education must be completed every two (2) years from date of issue. Three (3) hours of ethics continuing education required. All contact hours can be home study.
  Ohio CME and CE Education

Note: All information should be verified with licensing board

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