Indiana Continuing Medical Education Credit Requirements


Indiana required number of CME credits per year(s) None
Indiana State-Mandated CME Content/Additional Notes N/A
Indiana RN Required number of CE credits per year(s) CE not required.
Indiana LPN Required number of CME credits per year(s) CE not required.
APRN Required number of CME credits per year(s) N/A
ANCC accreditation accepted? N/A
CE for Specialty:

Athletic Training

50 hours of continuing education must be completed biennially. License renewal cycles span from January 1st through December 31st of the following year.

Licensed Athletic Trainers should maintain records of attendance at appropriate continuing education events for a minimum of four years past the date of the event attended. If selected in a random audit by the professional Licensing Agency, licensees will need to submit these documents as proof of having met the continuing education requirements.

CE for Specialty:


CE: 40 Contact Hours must be completed each 2 year renewal period.

Renewal date for all professionals is April 1st of years ending in an even number. (e.g., April 1st, 2012.)

No more than six hours may be acquired through self-study; carryover of hours is not permitted.

CE for Specialty: Dietetics/Nutrition 30 hours of continuing education due December 31st of even years.

Must be approved by CDR

July 1, 2011 or after shall submit to a national criminal history background check at the cost of the individual. Please note that criminal history background checks will not be required for renewal applications

CE for Specialty:

Emergency Medical Services

Indiana has a two year licensure period.

CE Requirements for EMTs and Paramedics

First Responder: 20 hours                                  

EMT-Basic: 40 hours                                       

EMT-Basic Advanced: 54 hours                             

EMT- Intermediate: 72 hours                                    

Paramedic:  72 hours

CE for Specialty:

Laboratory Technology

There are no Continuing Education requirements.
CE for Specialty:

Massage Therapy

Licenses expired on May 15th every four years. Next renewal date: May 15th, 2013.
CE for Specialty:

Medicine and Surgery

CE: There are no continuing education requirements.

Licenses must be renewed every two years. The expiration date is October 31st of odd-numbered years. (2013, 2015, etc.)

CE for Specialty:

Occupational Therapy

CE Requirements:

During each two (2) year license period, an Occupational Therapist (OT) or Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) must complete at least eighteen (18) hours of continuing competency of which at least nine (9) hours must be in category I courses.

An occupational therapist or occupational therapy assistant may not earn more than nine (9) category II credit hours towards the requirements

Licenses for both Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants expire on December 31 on even-numbered years.

CE for Specialty:


30 hours of pharmacy continuing education must be completed June 30 of even numbered years. A minimum of 24 hours must be pharmacy related. A maximum of 6 hours can be business, management or computer-related. At least 15 hours must be accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE). Home study is permitted.

July 1, 2011 or after shall submit to a national criminal history background check at the cost of the individual. Please note that criminal history background checks will not be required for renewal applications.

ACPE-approved courses for Pharmacy Technicians end in the letter “T”. ACPE-approved courses pharmacists (only) end in the letter “P”.  Courses ending in the letter “P” cannot be used to meet pharmacy technician CE requirements.

CE for Specialty:

Pharmacy Technician

Certifications expire June 30th of even-numbered years. The next renewal deadline is June 30th, 2014.

Pharmacy technicians are now required to obtain the NABP e-Profile # in order to renew their license.

CE for Specialty:

Physical Therapy

CE Requirements:

Effective February 27, 2013 all PT and PTA licensees will be required to obtain continuing education competency in order to renew their license. The Committee will require all licensees to have completed twenty-two (22) hours of continuing competency activities for the biennial renewal period, of which two (2) hours must be in an ethics and Indiana jurisprudence course as it relates to the practice of physical therapy. These hours must be obtained within the renewal period and cannot be carried over from one renewal period to another.

CE for Specialty:


40 hours of continuing education must be completed every renewal period. Licensees are required to complete 6 hours in ethics with no less than 3 of those hours from a Category I course.

Licenses must be renewed biennially. The license period extends from September 1st of an even numbered year to August 31st of the following year.

CE for Specialty:

Radiology Technology

No CE required.
CE for Specialty:

Respiratory Therapy

15 hours of continuing education is due on December 31st of each even year.  Correspondence courses are acceptable for continuing education credit. No more than 7.5 hours of continuing education can be obtained through correspondence courses during the biennium.
CE for Specialty:

Social Work

Renewal: forty (40) hours of continuing education credits are required for each renewal cycle or twenty (20) CEUs per year. Every licensee is required to take at least 1 hour of ethics in Category I continuing education each year. All contact hours can be home study.

Initial Renewal: If licensed less than 24 months 20 hours are needed to renew.  No CE is required if licensed less than 12 months.

All Social Work licenses expire March 31 of even-numbered years.

Indiana CE and CME Education

Note: All information should be verified with licensing board

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