Funny Radiology Shirt MRI Tech can't hide
Funny Radiology Shirt MRI Tech TShirt Gift for those who work as MRI Techs in clinics, hospitals or labs. MRI...
MRI Safe ID Lanyards (No Metal) with Plastic No Twist Clip & Safety Breakaway Clasp 5 packs
These non-magnetic non ferromagnetic and metal free lanyards are a popular choice for medical imaging facilities, as well as work...
MRI Safe Full Plastic Hemostat Forceps Non-Magnetic Straight 5.7 inch 5 pack
MRI Safe Full Plastic including Joint and Hinge for MR Room's Magnetic Field Non-magnetic MRI Safe, Non-Corrosive, Stainless, Anti-static, Alkali-proof, Acid-Proof* 5.7...