AltusLearn - MRI Safety Campus

What does an MRI SafetyCampus provide?


MRI Safety Library

  • Flat fee includes all MRI Safety courses
  • ACR and JC compliant courses
  • CME, CE and Certificate levels
  • Constant updates to latest standards


Compliance & Tracking

  • ACR and JC compliance
  • Single repository for credits and certificates
  • Track and report results for compliance purposes


Benefits of MRI SafetyCampus

  • Customized and branded campus
  • Increased safety awareness
  • Cloud-based with minimal IT impact
  • One fee for all your educational needs

Why MRI SafetyCampus?

A custom-branded MRI SafetyCampus allows healthcare institutions to provide accredited and non-accredited continuing medical education to their staff as well as other first responders that may find themselves operating within the MRI environment. Providing additional education will improve staff competency and awareness, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes.

The American College of Radiology and the Joint Commission have established requirements and guidelines to address patient safety and the needs of professional and support staff in the MRI department and throughout the hospital or imaging center. To meet these guidelines, all personnel should receive MRI safety training on an annual basis. The AltusLearn courses meet these requirements for all Level 1 and Level 2 personnel.

Our courses provide information pertaining to how MRI technology works, specific instruction regarding ensuring safety by restricting certain items from being brought into the MRI environment, and review of the consequences when precautions are not properly followed. These programs review fundamental MRI safety protocols and meet training recommendations set by the American College of Radiology and the requirements of the Joint Commission.

Understanding MRI Safety for Non-clinical Staff 2016

Understanding MRI Safety for Non-clinical Staff 2016

This course is designed for medical professionals who do not routinely work within the MR Environment. The course explains the dangers associated with primary the static magnetic field of MRI systems.

Basic MRI Safety 2016

Basic MRI Safety 2016

This 1 hour comprehensive course is designed for medical professionals requiring Level 1 certification for working within the MR Environment. The course explains what the American College of Radiology (ACR) is and its role in creating guidelines for medical facilities. All of the various roles for medical staff will be discussed with an emphasis on Level 1 roles and responsibilities. MR Zoning and its importance along with reasoning for controlled access into various areas of MR will be defined. The importance of MR Screening of both patients and medical professionals will be discussed. Finally, the difference between near incidents and actual incidents will be differentiated and examples of MR Safety accidents will be reviewed.

Advanced MRI Safety 2016

Advanced MRI Safety 2016 (CE or CME)

This 1.5 hour comprehensive course is designed for physicians, technologists, as well as ancillary medical staff. The course explains the most current American College of Radiology Guidelines and the alignment with the Joint Commission Sentinel Alert. The course also defines healthcare roles as recommended by the ACR for each facility. Within this course the three main magnetic fields: static, gradient, and radio frequency will be defined and discussed within the context as it relates to patient and personnel safety. An explanation as determined by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) for labeling of implants and devices will be defined and how testing is conducted will be explained. Finally, this course clearly defines roles of the MR Safety Certification as defined by the American Board of Magnetic Resonance Safety (ABMRS) and how this certification is achieved.