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All Successful Leaders Need This Quality: Self-Awareness

  Apr 21st, 2014   -     Professional Development   -  

Originally Appeared in Forbes: All Successful Leaders Need This Quality: Self-Awareness It’s always pleasant, if uncommon, to find out something you’ve long intuitively believed has been, unbeknownst to you, validated by research.  This was the case when I recently came across a study emphasizing the importance of “self-awareness” as a critical trait for successful leaders. The study was […]

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Are you born to be motivated?

     -     Professional Development   -  

Originally Appearing in Chicago Tribune: Are you born to be motivated? Experts explain why we’re driven and how to increase motivation Can motivation be in your wiring or is this learned behavior? According to experts, it’s a little bit of both. “We do have different temperaments and different personality styles when we’re born, but research […]

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Professional Development #1: Are you a “Super Tech”?

  Apr 16th, 2014   -     Professional Development   -  

Professional Development Series #1: Are you a “Super Tech”? We’ve heard this term before to describe those technologists who have pursued additional certifications, supervisory roles, advanced degrees, and other avenues of professional growth. These are people who have turned their job into a career. At AltusMedical we recognize those individuals who are committed to professional development and are here to help […]

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