What does a MiniCampus provide?


Library Content

  • Access to complete library
  • New courses added monthly
  • ACR, IAC and JC compliant courses
  • Accreditation for professional level



  • Track individual performance
  • Track group performance
  • Track ACR. IAC and JC compliance
  • Get updates



  • Per user fee for all your educational needs
  • Customized campus
  • Employee engagement
  • Cloud-based, minimal IT impact

Required Annual Compliance Education

We’re able to provide your team with the  Required Annual Compliance education  for staff that work in or around Healthcare Medical Imaging Centers. This education meets the annual education requirements described by the ACR, IAC and The Joint Commission (requirements effective July 1, 2015).

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Why AltusLearn?

A Campus provides online continuing medical education to healthcare professionals enabling them to track and meet professional licensing requirements. The Campus protects healthcare facilities’ eligibility for billing reimbursement by tracking their employees’ continuing medical education credits for licensure and important annual compliance requirements.

A Campus is a great way to invest in your team. Studies indicate employees rank aspects of their job that motivate them, such as developing new skills, above wages and promotions. The development of new skills allows employees to become mentally and emotionally invested in their careers which increases employee satisfaction and retention. Providing additional education will improve staff competency and awareness and ultimately lead to improved patient outcomes.

Track your credits?

The CE Wallet is an easy and free way to keep track of your continuing education credits and their expiration dates. Courses taken on AltusLearn are automatically added to your CE Wallet. You can also add courses taken elsewhere. Depending on the selection of ‘Credits Needed’ field in your User Profile settings, you can receive automatic alerts when a particular course credit is about to expire. There is also a color coded system that visually identifies the status of a course.

Green = Course at least 31 days away from expiration.
Yellow = Course will expire in 30 days or less.
Red = Course credits have expired.

Tracking credits has never been easier.

AltusLearn CE Wallet