Group Purchase Digital Radiography Radiation Protection (CE)

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Description: With digital radiography it is important to routinely use 15 to 20 kV more than we did with film. In this four (4) CEU course, we will discuss why this may not be occurring and demonstrate what can be done to make that change now.
We will introduce high kV/low mAs Universal Digital Technique Charts for both CR and DR systems. The techniques in these charts have been peer reviewed, and are available in the current edition of Merrill’s Atlas of Radiographic Positioning and Procedures.

We will also discuss the CR and DR Exposure Index (EI) numbers as well as their reliability when used.

Additionally, there will be a section on the ways to properly critique a digital image. This section will include using the EI number, level and windowing, and magnification modes. We will show how several different brands of CR and DR react, or don’t react, when too much mAs is used in an exposure, and address legal issues that concern radiographers. The legal issues will include properly marking an image, reprocessing images with different algorithms, using too much technique, and shuttering (post process collimation).

Our goal is for you to be able to take this information back to your facility and easily and immediately make changes in the way you expose and critique your images.

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