Group Purchase Advanced MRI Safety CE 2017 with 1.5 AHRA ARRT Approved Credits

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This 1.5 hour comprehensive course is designed for physicians, technologists, as well as ancillary medical staff. The course explains the most current American College of Radiology Guidelines and the alignment with the Joint Commission Sentinel Alert. The course also defines healthcare roles as recommended by the ACR for each facility. Within this course the three main magnetic fields: static, gradient, and radio frequency will be defined and discussed within the context as it relates to patient and personnel safety. An explanation as determined by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) for labeling of implants and devices will be defined and how testing is conducted will be explained. Finally, this course clearly defines roles of the MR Safety Certification as defined by the American Board of Magnetic Resonance Safety (ABMRS) and how this certification is achieved.


  • Discuss American College of Radiology (ACR) current guidelines

  • Understand the role of the Joint Commission alignment with the ACR

  • Explain types of forces exerted on ferrous objects

  • Educate gradient magnetic fields and their role in MR Safety

  • Understand the RF Transmit Field along with Specific Absorption Rate

  • Define and expand on the difference between MR Safe, MR Unsafe, and MR Conditional

  • Explain conditions surrounding particular implants and devices and B1rms

  • Introduce MR Certification through the American Board of Radiology and explain the 3 levels of certification

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